Funding for Innovators Released on the R2 Portal

Funding for Innovators, The R2 Network’s first new feature release of 2022 is now available on the R2 Portal. This free resource is the fifth free resource created for users on the R2 Portal since its inception in 2021. While previous resources have focused heavily on technology solutions, this resource helps innovators source-critical funding sources to help develop, scale, and launch their solutions.

On the Portal, users will find over 200 public safety-focused funding programs including 40+ VCs, 32+ Accelerator Programs and Challenges, 25+ US-based Grants, and 90+ International Funding resources, with new funding opportunities being continuously added. Now, Innovators can find and apply to many of these opportunities with a single click directly on the R2 Portal. 

Finding, applying for, and securing funding to help develop and deploy their solutions is a critical challenge Innovators in the Public Safety Community face key. The R2 Portal’s funding resource is designed to help Innovators find key funding initiatives offered throughout our industry in one convenient location. “Funding, investment, and grant opportunities for Innovators in the Public Safety Space are critical to helping develop life-saving technologies and bringing those technologies to end-users. We are excited to see a resource on the R2 Portal where entrepreneurs can find those critical funding opportunities, “ Jacob Johnson, Laerdal Million Lives Fund.

This resource is one of the first of the year that the R2 Network will launch to help the Public Safety community obtain critical funding opportunities. Stay tuned for more on our next resource, Funding for Public Safety Agencies. In the meantime, Innovators can start searching for funding sources on the R2 Portal today! 

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