The R2 Network: A Year in Review and a Look Ahead to Year 2

Launched in 2021, the R2 Network is a government-backed platform to help innovators of public safety technology connect directly with first responders and industry leaders. With a growing network of resources designed to fill critical gaps between entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and the public safety community, The R2 Network is wrapping up its first year with a nearly fully built live online platform, the R2 Portal. 

In year 1, the R2 Network transformed from an ambitious idea to a real solution for the public safety community. Today, the R2 Network is a living, growing resource that brings together Entrepreneurs, First Responders, and Stakeholders through one unified mission; enabling response and resiliency innovation. We’re extremely appreciative of the support and guidance the public safety community provided for Year 1 of the R2 Network. To date, the R2 Network has launched 7 resources that are currently available for users; The R2 Portal, The Product Builder, R2 Learn, The Public Safety Event Finder, The Stakeholder View, and Innovation HQ, and the FRST Portal. 

In Year 2, our primary focus for the R2 Network will be engagement. We will work alongside the innovative and end-user communities to promote and refine R2 resources, identify additional areas we can support, and grow the overall community. In Year 2 of the R2 Network, we will bridge the gap between innovators and end-users of response and resilience technology.

To help with our engagement efforts, we will continue to build and launch additional features on the R2 Portal including; Funding HQ, The Grant Portal, The Community Resource, Micro R2 Community Sites, Events, and Custom R2 Learn Content. 

Thank you to our early adopters and supporters of the R2 Network. We look forward to building upon our mission and all that’s to come in 2022. 

Thank you! 

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