Welcoming Federal Government & Supporting Industries to the R2 Portal

As we move into the last half of 2021 after a busy six months officially launching the R2 Network and subsequent Product Builder, R2 Learn, and Public Safety Event Finder feature releases, we have much to look forward to.

Thus far, the R2 Portal has primarily served entrepreneurs building life-saving technologies and first responders who provide life-saving service to the community. This month we’re very excited to welcome a brand new audience to the R2 Portal; federal government agencies and their supporting industries, including the following: 

  • Federal Government (U.S. & International)
  • Associations
  • Corporations
  • Service Providers & Vendors
  • Distributors
  • GovCon
R2 Portal Stakeholder Dashboard

Stakeholders – The Backbone of the Public Safety Industry

This new user group can be summarized asStakeholders’ – the backbone of the public safety industry who play a vital role in the innovation ecosystem. As integral creators of public safety content, Stakeholders on the R2 Portal will enjoy admin-like abilities to contribute the following to our community:

  • Add Products – Using the Product Builder, Stakeholders can add their own or partner public safety innovation products that will help end-users on the R2 Network identify their solutions and understand fit.
  • Add Events – Through the Public Safety Event Finder (powered by GovEvents), Stakeholders can add in-person, virtual and on-demand events to engage with the public safety community about what’s new in response and resiliency technology.
  • Add Content – Stakeholders can create new courses on R2 Learn to educate Entrepreneurs and First Responders on the unique challenges and opportunities in the public safety market.
  • Add Innovation Programs – Stakeholders can add their organizations’ innovation programs and challenges designed to help promote and support the growth of public safety innovation, plus, recruit participants.

We welcome all federal government and supporting industries to sign up now and begin sharing content with the R2 Portal’s public safety community! Be sure to stay tuned for continued feature releases to improve stakeholder functions through 2022. 

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Upcoming Releases: Product Finder, Grant Portal, and Innovation Programs

Our upcoming releases will provide vital resources to our First Responder, Entrepreneur, and new Stakeholder members, making innovative products more accessible, and helping tech innovators and agencies find available grants and innovation programs to fuel progress. Here’s a look at what’s to come in the next few months:

August: Product Finder Feature Release – First responders and public safety agencies will have the ability to identify the technology solutions their agency needs to address response and resiliency challenges.

September: Grant Finder Tool Feature Release – Public safety agencies will be able to use the Grant Portal to identify grants they qualify for to procure needed technology and resources. Entrepreneurs will have the ability to find funding to support the development of their technology products.

October: Innovation Programs Feature Release – Stakeholders can add programs and challenges designed to help promote and support the growth of public safety innovation opportunities and recruit participants, while innovators will be able to apply in just a few clicks!

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Virtual & In-Person Engagements with the R2 Network

This past month our team held webinars with our RapidSOS partners pertinent to entrepreneurs navigating the public safety startup landscape. If you didn’t get a chance to attend (or you’d like to refresh what you learned), the webinars are now available on-demand on R2 Learn:

On-Demand Webinar: What You Need to Know About Fundraising for Public Safety Tech
Learn how to navigate the unique challenges of fundraising for public safety technology companies from Michael Martin, who successfully raised over $200M for RapidSOS and Bryce Stirton, President of the VC firm Responder Corp, who has led investments into numerous public safety companies: 

Access On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar: What Public Safety Startups Should Know About 911
Karin Marquez, Senior Director of Public Safety and Jamison Peevyhouse, Director of Public Safety from RapidSOS shared insights into top of mind issues for 911 directors, major pain points 911 agencies face, and what startups should know about serving 911 agencies.

Access On-Demand Webinar

Coming to a City Near You

The R2 Network and partners are looking forward to safely attending in-person events again! We hope to see you at our presentations in the following upcoming events:

NENA 2021 Conference and Expo – Columbus, OH, July 24-29, 2021
Panel Discussion: Wednesday Jul 28th, 8:45am – 9:45am ET
Title: Building Resilience: Disaster Response in 2021 and Beyond”

Dave Sehnert – Director of Strategy and Partnerships | NG911, RapidSOS
Bryce Stirton – President, Responder Corp
Michael Martin – CEO, RapidSOS
Karin Marquez – ENP, CMCP, – Senior Director of Public Safety, RapidSOS

Description: This session will share how a national, self-sustaining response and resiliency network can support innovators in the public safety space. Public safety leaders, fire chiefs, emergency technology experts, and top entrepreneurs will share their experience and challenges developing next generation technologies that empower first responders with the tools and technologies they need to stay safe and protect our communities, especially during unprecedented times. Attendees will learn about the need for a stronger response and resiliency network, how they can connect with other like minded innovators across the public safety space to solve existing challenges, and what they can do to prepare for large scale events in 2021 and beyond. Learn more >

APCO 2021 – San Antonio, TX, August 15-18, 2021
Panel Discussion: Wednesday, August 18th 2021, 10:00am – 11:00am
Title: R2: Empowering First Responders and ECCs with Technology to Improve Public Safety”
Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center, 225AB

Main Presenters:
Bill Schrier – Senior Advisor, FirstNet Authority
Karin Marquez, ENP, CMCP, – Senior Director of Public Safety, RapidSOS
Michael Martin – CEO, RapidSOS

Description: This partnership between public safety, entrepreneurs, and investors is a new and unique way to encourage small companies to improve and develop first responder technologies and pilot them with public safety agencies. Over 70 companies are already involved. You’ll hear about the initiative, what it is developing, how it will benefit your ECC, and how to get involved. Learn more >

IWCE 2021 – Las Vegas, NV, September 27-30, 2021
Session: Wednesday, September 29th 2021, 4:30pm – 5:45pm
Title: “Building Resilience: Disaster Response in 2021 and Beyond”

Main Presenters:
David Blankinship – Senior Technology Advisor, Western Fire Chiefs Association
Tyrell Morris – Executive Director, OPCD
Michael Martin – CEO & Co-Founder, RapidSOS
Bryce Stirton – President, Responder Corp
Karlin Younger – Investment Lead, First Responder Network Authority

Description: Discover how a national, self-sustaining response and resiliency network can support innovators in the public safety space, with public safety leaders, fire chiefs, emergency technology experts, and top entrepreneurs sharing challenges in developing next-generation technologies that empower first responders. Attendees will also learn how to connect with like-minded public safety innovators to solve existing challenges, and prepare for large-scale events in 2021 and beyond. Learn more >

Help Build The R2 Network

We are thankful to our R2 Network community and hope you’ll join us in looking forward to upcoming feature releases, events, and welcoming our brand new audience of federal government and supporting industries to the R2 Portal. Make sure you’ve signed up for your free membership to share your own public safety content and help build our response and resiliency network today! 

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